Purpose of the Kit

Program Outcomes:

  • Establish open communication with children, increasing the likelihood of disclosure.
  • Establish an understanding of boundaries so children know what to disclose.
  • Introduce the issue of secrecy around touching and picture taking.
  • Disrupt the process of abuse before it becomes a contact offence.
  • Disrupt the process of abuse prior to child abuse images being taken.

Educators have a unique opportunity to assist in preventing child abuse as they have:

  • Daily contact with children and their parents/guardians.
  • Opportunity to develop close relationships with caregivers and children.
  • Opportunity to recognize and respond to early warning signs.

The Teatree Tells: A Child Abuse Prevention Kit is part of a comprehensive personal safety program called Kids in the Know (KIK). KIK (www.kidsintheknow.ca) has prevention lessons designed for students from kindergarten to high school, with supplementary information for children as young as four-years-of-age.

Model in image and intended as illustrative.

There is no checklist for sex offenders.

(Anna Salter, 2003)